NuCash requires access to phone calls

Why does NuCash require permission to manage my phone calls?

NuCash aims to provide a secure, smooth, and hassle-free service while protecting your privacy and identity. Giving NuCash access to your phone calls allows NuCash to securely authenticate your identity and prevent fraudulent behaviour.
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    • Are my Personal details secured with NuCash?

      Our primary goal is, of course, data security. Your information is doubly encrypted and firewall-protected using the most advanced security techniques, making it readable only in the NuCash app. Furthermore, as part of data security, no one may see ...
    • How can I get an invite code from NuCash?

      You may request an early invite code by referring the NuCash app to your friends. The more referrals you receive, the sooner you will receive your Invite code to complete your NuCash account opening procedure and collect your referral bonus too.
    • How can I delete my NuCash account permanently?

      Please follow the below steps to delete the Nucash account permanently: Sign in to NuCash app. Open the main menu from the dashboard's top right corner. Click on "Settings" and then "Delete Account" Complete the process by confirming the "NuPIN". ...
    • Why NuCash have an invite code system to open an account?

      NuCash believes in "testing the waters to test the seas." We spent years perfecting what we provide you, but we still believe in proceeding with caution for our customers and removing the slightest faults before we release it to the masses.
    • Why NuCash need access to My Contact list?

      Access to the contact list will make it much simpler to share referral links, split bills, plus transfer money. ​