Why NuCash needs location

Why does NuCash need my location? How can I do it later?

Area access is also a security feature in which we attempt to notify you if the app is accessed from a location, you have not previously visited. In this event, we will halt all transactions until you confirm.
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    • Why NuCash need access to My Contact list?

      Access to the contact list will make it much simpler to share referral links, split bills, plus transfer money. ​
    • Why do I need an Indian number to sign up for NuCash?

      We ask our users to utilise an Indian number in order to comply with banking rules and to give an additional layer of data privacy and safety. This number will receive important messages regarding your account and transactions. So, what's holding you ...
    • Why do you need my Name and Email?

      To begin, we'd want to know your name. In all communications, we would like to address you by your first name. We use email to provide important information such as onboarding, NuCash & Suryoday Small Finance Bank updates, and account statements.
    • Is it essential to allow notifications! Where do I activate this later?

      Notifications keep you up to date on your account, offers, and important information, therefore we recommend that you activate them. If you change your mind, we just provide option to enable it later from the notification's settings. 
    • Is it compulsory to enable bio-metrics or can I do it later?

      Although biometrics are not required, it make it easier to get back into your app. We believe an easy access while maintaining security, thus activating biometrics is advised. If you are not yet ready to activate it, you can always return to your ...