Name and Email ID with NuCash

Why does NuCash need access to my name and email ID?

We need to know your name to get started. We would want to use your first name whenever we communicate with you. Your name will also be used in important documents like NuCash onboarding, Suryoday Small Finance Bank up‚Äčdates, and account statements.  

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    • Why Does NuCash need location access?

      Location access is an additional security feature that alerts you when the app is accessed from an unfamiliar location. In this scenario, we will temporarily halt all transactions until you confirm the legitimacy of the access. This feature serves as ...
    • Why does NuCash need SMS's and contact list permission?

      Being a regulated organization, we will send a system-generated OTP to the provided contact number. To confirm your phone number, we will need to send an SMS from your device. We will require access to your phone in order to complete this process.
    • If I uninstall the app, will my data be deleted from NuCash? 

      Uninstalling the app from your device only removes the app, not your account. To delete your account and data, you need to request account closure through the NuCash app, similar to closing an account at a traditional bank
    • What is NuCash?

      NuCash is a one-stop, digital-first financial super-app for students. Our purpose is to help students understand and manage their financial requirements by empowering and assisting them. 
    • Is NuCash a bank?

      NuCash offers an improved banking experience in collaboration with Suryoday Small Finance bank. Our compliance with all banking regulations guarantees the protection of your personal information, funds, and data, ensuring the same level of security ...