NuPin and its use

What is NuPIN? Why do I need it?

NuPIN is a code that allows you to login to the app without using the OTP method. NuPIN is a backup login method for biometric-enabled phones. It also contributes to the security of your account. 
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    • Can I change my NuPIN later?

      Without a doubt and it's easy, you can change your NuPIN anytime you like through settings.
    • Why do you need selfies?

      Security is the sole reason. Any device modifications, number changes, NuPIN changes, or important changes will not take place unless your selfie matches. 
    • Is NuPIN different from my banking pins? What if it's the same?

      NuPIN is solely used to get access to the app. Banking and UPI pins are different and should be kept separate for security reasons.  Alag hi Sahi hai!
    • Why NuCash need access to My Contact list?

      Access to the contact list will make it much simpler to share referral links, split bills, plus transfer money. ​
    • Why do you need my Name and Email?

      To begin, we'd want to know your name. In all communications, we would like to address you by your first name. We use email to provide important information such as onboarding, NuCash & Suryoday Small Finance Bank updates, and account statements.