Minimum Balance Reward

Minimum Balance Reward

We are delighted to introduce our Minimum Balance Reward Program at NuCash, where you have the opportunity to earn additional benefits by maintaining a minimum balance in your account. Here are the program details:

Program Description:

By maintaining a daily minimum balance of 1,000 rupees starting the second month after opening your account, you starting making 25 rupees every month up to 4th month. You get a chance to earn 75 rupees additional reward from NuCash.

NuCash will continue to be a zero balance zero fees account so this offer does not change that. You still do not ever pay any fees for keeping zero balance on the platform. 

Program Terms and Conditions:

Eligibility: To qualify for the reward, you need to maintain a minimum balance of INR 1,000 in your NuCash account continuously for each month. For every month, you make 25 rupees in bonus up to 3 months post opening.

Reward Crediting: At the end of the 30-day period, upon successfully maintaining the minimum balance, a deposit of INR 25 will be credited to your NuCash account as a token of our appreciation.

Reward Disbursement: The reward amount of INR 25 will be automatically deposited into your NuCash account at the end of the month every month for keeping the minimum balance. 

Tracking your Progress:

To monitor your progress towards earning the reward, you can conveniently check your account balance and track the number of days you have maintained the minimum balance within your NuCash account dashboard. This will help you stay informed about your eligibility status and ensure you meet the program requirements.

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