NuCash Bank Account

How secure is NuCash account?

NuCash recognises the importance of data security and takes it seriously. To maintain the security of your account, we have incorporated numerous levels of security, including OTP, biometric, NuPIN, selfie, and location verification.

Be confident that your data is secure with us.

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    • Can a NuCash account be opened without a Pan Card?

      Sorry, due to regulatory reasons, it's not possible to open a NuCash account without a PAN card. Apply for a PAN is quick and easy and we do hope that once you get your PAN card, you come back and open an account at NuCash
    • What is the minimum account balance I can maintain in my NuCash account?

      BFF! (Best Financial Friend) We have open a zero-balance account, hence there is no limit of minimum balance requirement.
    • Is my money safe with NuCash?

      All funds added through Nucash are secure as they are held by Suryoday Small Finance Bank Limited, a partner bank regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Your money is also insured up to Rs. 5 lakh by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee ...
    • Is NuCash a bank?

      NuCash offers an improved banking experience in collaboration with Suryoday Small Finance bank. Our compliance with all banking regulations guarantees the protection of your personal information, funds, and data, ensuring the same level of security ...
    • If I uninstall the app, will my data be deleted from NuCash? 

      Uninstalling the app from your device only removes the app, not your account. To delete your account and data, you need to request account closure through the NuCash app, similar to closing an account at a traditional bank