Account Opening Bonus

Account Opening Bonus

We are delighted to inform you that as a token of our appreciation, a deposit of INR 25 will be credited to your NuCash account by opening a NuCash account and keeping a minimum daily balance of 1000 rupees. The bonus will be credited to your account during the payout cycle immediately after the 30 days of you opening your account.

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    • Can I withdraw my referral bonus?

      A referral bonus is offered to you as a thank you for spreading the word about us, and it must be spent on the platform. You can use your NuCash Debit Card and spend your referral bonus on any of the e-commerce platform. You can also link your NuCash ...
    • My friend successfully joined NuCash but I have not got my referral bonus.

      Eligibility Criteria: You will earn NuCash referral bonus if your friend opens an account and maintain a minimum balance of 1,000 rupees for 30 days. After they have successful maintained the balance, we will credit your referral bonus in your ...
    • Minimum Balance Reward

      We are delighted to introduce our Minimum Balance Reward Program at NuCash, where you have the opportunity to earn additional benefits by maintaining a minimum balance in your account. Here are the program details: Program Description: By maintaining ...
    • What other methods are available for me to increase my rewards earnings?

      Certainly! With NuCash the opportunity to earn rewards for various actions you take. These actions include opening a bank account, and maintaining a minimum balance.